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Who is C2Zero? Why did you partner up with them?Updated 2 years ago

C2Zero is an Australian start-up designed to enable businesses and consumers to disrupt global Emission Trading Schemes and reduce pollution. The brand challenges the emissions trading market by taking the power away from the world’s-worst carbon emitting companies in a whole new way; by buying up Emission Allowances and permanently taking them out of the market so they can never be used to pollute.  

Each year Governments and regulators around the world issue a limited number of Emission Allowances which sets an upper limit or “cap” on the available pool of allowances. Instead of using these allowances to pollute, C2Zero lock them away in their (digital) vault where they will never ever be used to pollute. There are many mechanisms available and this is the one that we have chosen for our first carbon neutral range. We look to the carbon market and available mechanisms to determine which will best support us at that point in time. Our bigger goal remains reducing carbon, innovating and supporting efficiencies before we offsetting 

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“At Modibodi we have a mission to become a carbon negative business by the end 2023. Anyway, we can, we are reducing our emissions, through the fabrics we choose, designing for longevity,  switching to renewable energy, educating our customers on caring for their product and ensuring carbon creation and biodiversity is part of our decision making.” says Sarah Forde, Modibodi Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs. 

“Partnering with C2Zero helps us take another step towards this goal. We believe one of the most powerful ways we can help drive the change needed in reducing carbon emissions is by taking the emissions allowances big polluters need, out of circulation, so they can never be used to pollute. For every single pair sold of the Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Brief, we'll be removing 2.4kg carbon from the atmosphere. 

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