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What is the Reusable Nappy Booster and how does it work?Updated 2 years ago

Each Modibodi Reusable Nappy comes with a handy Reusable Nappy Booster, featuring multiple absorbent layers. A Reusable Nappy Booster is an absorbent pad you can add to your Reusable Nappy to provide extra absorption for heavy wetters, long naps, overnight protection or for older babies and toddlers during the daytime.

·         POLYBRUSH OUTER: Moisture wicking, odour-resistant, soft on skin and fast drying to keep baby comfy.

·         MICROFIBRE MIDDLE LAYERS: Antimicrobial and absorbent to lock fluid away and fight bacteria, these layers do not touch baby’s skin. Our microfibre terry has been knitted and manufactured exclusively to meet our high performance and absorbency standards – just like our other Modibodi products

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