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How many will I need?Updated 2 years ago

How many will I need?

First, work out how often you want to use reusable nappies:

  • Part-time use (2-3 per day): 8 to 12 Modibodi reusable nappies
  • Full-time day use (4-6 per day): 12 to 24 Modibodi reusable nappies
  • Full-time day and night use: (6-8 per day) 24 to 30 Modibodi reusable nappies

Please note:

  • The above recommendations are based on doing a load of washing every second day (and we’ve factored in a couple of spare nappies so you’re never caught short)
  • Modibodi reusable nappies come in a pack of 4.
  • Each Modibodi Reusable Nappy 4 Pack includes 4 boosters.
  • Having a selection of boosters will help you get the most from your nappy stash. These are great to add for extra absorption in night nappies or for heavy wetters.
  • Many people start investing in reusable nappies during pregnancy to spread the cost over a period of time. And remember, once you have your stash, there will be no more late night dashes to the supermarket for disposables.
  • Modibodi offers Afterpay Zip Pay and Klarna to spread the cost of your nappy purchases.*

*Payment methods dependent on market 


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