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How does the Basic Mid-Rise Brief work?Updated a year ago

The Basic Mid-Rise Brief is reusable underwear which absorbs your period or light bladder leaks, while controlling odour, wicking away sweat and protecting you from leaks. Pretty clever, right? Depending on your flow, the Basic Mid-Rise Brief can be a total replacement for cups, tampons, pads and pantyliners, or a back-up option for extra protection.   

Modibodi works by using a 3mm lining to absorb blood and light bladder leaks. This lining is made of a moisture-wicking top layer, an absorbent middle layer which locks fluid away and controls odour and a bottom waterproof layer for secure protection against leaks.  


When it’s time to change underwear, you simply rinse your Modibodi in cold water (under the tap or in the shower) and pop it into the washing machine (with your other clothes) at 30°C or less, then hang to dry.  

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