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How do I fit the Reusable Nappy?Updated 2 years ago

Our reusable nappy has a simple all-in-one design (like a disposable nappy) which makes it super easy to use.


Adjust: Shorten nappy and tighten in the leg by snapping the press studs together for the perfect fit.

Protect: Lay nappy open flat. If using a booster/s or liner for added protection, lay these on top.

Fit: Lay baby on the open nappy, ensuring the bottom is positioned with enough coverage at the back. Pull front panel up to sit just below the belly button. Adjust tabs to close.

Check: Ensure lining is flat against body and leg elastics are comfortably sitting in baby’s underwear line with no gaps. Check that the waistband and elastics are snug but not too tight, especially when baby is sitting.

Need extra absorbency or protection? Just add one or two of our Reusable Nappy Boosters inside the nappy (lay the nappy flat, add the boosters, then lay baby on top).

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