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How can you dispose of the Biodegradable Brief?Updated 2 years ago

Cut off the waistband and leg elastics and discard with your landfill waste where they will gradually biodegrade through contact with microorganisms that live in the landfill’s anaerobic environment (without oxygen)The elastics have been designed to degrade specifically in anaerobic landfill. 

Bury the main pant in active soil (which is soil full of bugs or microorganisms), where the garment will break down into natural elements and return back to the environment. Generally, if you water your garden and plants are growing in it, the soil will be relatively active. Warmer moist conditions will breakdown the fibres quicker than cooler climates. 

If you would like to compost the underwear cut off the waistband and leg elastic and remove the bottom waterproof film layer of the gusset and discard in landfill to biodegrade. Cut the main body of the underwear (being TENCEL™ and Merino wool) into small pieces to mix with your compost. 

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