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What is period poverty?

Period poverty is a global health issue which reinforces gender inequality, increases hardship and causes people to miss out on education, work and social activities, whether that’s because the topic is taboo in your community, or because you can’t a

What partners do you work with?

Modibodi’s vision is to build a brand that makes the world better by empowering everybody to make real, positive change. As part of this vision, Modibodi actively works with like-minded partners.   Current global partners include Plan International A

What is the Give A Pair initiative?

Giving back is at the heart of the Modibodi business. It is part of our brand’s DNA and essence.   Modibodi is committed to encouraging open, frank, real conversations about periods, incontinence, pregnancy, perspiration, menopause and more – and to

Do you use sustainable bags?

Yes! We are happy to announce that we are now shipping with compostable bags globally except in some European countries where we currently use bags made with 80% reclaimed material and 100% recyclable. The compostable bags we use are made from 100% b

After my Modibodi has ended it’s life as leak-proof apparel- what can I do?

The merino wool used in most of our Modibodi gusset is 100% biodegradable and will naturally decompose in the soil. Modibodi apparel can be also be used as a great cleaning cloth when you no longer need them as protective apparel or you may also choo

Are Modibodi products free from harmful chemicals?

All our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® tested and certified as free from harmful substances to human health including allergens and carcinogens. Our certificates cover Class 1 for baby products, Class 2 recycled products, organic products and

Why are reusables better than disposables?

We make reusable apparel to manage life’s leaks because it’s better for your body...and better for the planet. Our products have a purpose, are made from fabrics which feel good, being reused to manage all of life’s leaks, day after day, month after

Is Modibodi cotton certified organic?

Our organic cotton underpants are made from GOTS certified organic cotton (CU 1118881). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, and stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecological and labo

Does Modibodi have PFAS or Nanotechnology?

All Modibodi materials and treatments have been scientifically tested to ensure they comply with global safety standards and requirements. We do not use PFAS or nanotechnology in our garments. Modibodi's leak-proof range of garments offers customers

Modibodi's Shared Value Program

How does Modibodi support charitable initiatives and organizations?. At Modibodi, we are committed to making a positive impact by providing period care solutions to those who may not have other options. We actively support charities, government organ

What is the Modibodi Game Changer Grant?

The Modibodi Game Changer Grant is an initiative by Modibodi, aimed at supporting individuals and organizations addressing menstrual equality, menopause awareness, climate action, and other important global issues. The grant provides financial and sk

I need a copy of my invoice for my NDIS claim

To obtain a copy of your order invoice for your plan manager within the NDIS scheme, please send an email to [email protected] including your order number. Our team will promptly send you the invoice for you.