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Does Modibodi have PFAS or Nanotechnology?Updated a year ago

Modibodi does not use PFAS. 


PFAS stands for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances and include (PFOS and PFOA). These manufactured chemicals are fluorinated compounds and used in a variety of products including stain resistant upholstery, non-stick cookware, paints, cosmetics, food packaging and more. They are heat, oil, stain and water resistant. They are widespread and can persist in the environment, at different levels, for a longtime.  Research says that exposure to high levels of PFAS can potentially impact health, however most exposure is to low levels.1  


Modibodi does not design products that require the functionality of PFAS or any dangerous chemicals. Our leak-proof absorbent lining is achieved through a combination of breathable, moisture-wicking and absorbent fabrics, thermoplastic polyurethane film and specific sewing techniques.  


Quality control is important to our business, and we have a strict supplier due diligence process along with regular health and safety compliance checks to ensure our products are safe.  This includes specific fluorine tests to detect for PFAS.  When we do use treatments (such as for our bio-based algae oil treatment) they are bluesign® APPROVED and ZDHC compliant.   On top of this we test our fabrics and products to Oeko-tex Standard 100, which tests for dangerous chemicals including PFAS.  Our Product and Sustainability teams use a tiered approach for traceability to ensure oversight of the safety of our products. 



The mid-layer of our underwear garment is treated with Agion® an EU regulated biocide containing silver copper zeolite and silver zeolite’. Agion® is not a nanoparticle.

Le tissu de la couche intermédiaire à l'intérieur du gousset est traité avec Agion®, un biocide réglementé par l'UE contenant de la zéolite argent-cuivre et de la zéolite argent". Agion® n'est pas une nanoparticule.

Das Gewebe der Mittelschicht im Zwickel ist mit Agion® behandelt, einem Biozid, das Silber-Kupfer-Zeolith und Silber-Zeolith enthält und das EU-Regulierungen unterliegt. Agion® ist kein Nanopartikel.

Il tessuto dello strato intermedio all’interno del tassello è trattato con Agion®, un biocida regolamentato dall'UE contenente zeolite di rame e argento e zeolite di argento. Agion® non è una nanoparticella.

El tejido de la capa intermedia dentro del refuerzo está tratado con Agion®, un biocida regulado por la UE que contiene zeolita de cobre plata y zeolita de plata. Agion® no es una nanopartícula.

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