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After my Modibodi has ended it’s life as leak-proof apparel- what can I do?Updated a year ago

The great thing about Modibodi is that they last.  


We design our products for longevity and durability as this is one of the key principles to creating a sustainable product – yes we also work hard to choose fabrics that reduce environmental impacts.  


But at the end of their life what can you do – these are some great guidelines to keep products within the value chain: 


  1. 1. Reuse – with your old clean pants – you can use as a cleaning rag. 

  1. 2. Recycle - reach out to your local textile recycling centre. 


In 2022 we are investigating a take back pilot to understand the capacity of recycling plant to recycle textiles and what our end-of-life products could be turned in to.  


We have also introduced a Biodegradable range where you can out the pants back to nature, find out more here and specifically how to biodegrade please click here. 

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