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Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pant

How do the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants work?

Our Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pant has an absorbent gusset to catch any leaks. These are a training pant and as such do not have the same absorbency as the nappy - they are for toilet training only.

How does the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants sizing work?

Sizing will depend on both the weight and the age of the toddler. For example, if your toddler is 24 months but weighs 13kg, the most appropriate size is Age 2-3 (previously S-M). Please see the size guide for more details.

Do the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants fit and feel like normal underwear?

Our Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pant should fit like a normal underwear, not too tight so your little one is comfortable, and not too lose that the pants fall down or leaks.

Are the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants suitable for overnight use?

Our Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants are not intended for overnight use as they do not have the same absorbency as our regular nappy. These are great for toilet training and can absorb up to 130ml of liquid.

What is a booster and when do you use one?

A booster is an absorbent pad you can add to the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants to provide extra absorption for up to 130ml.

How often do I need to change the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants?

They will need to be changed after each accident. The nature of the product design is for training, not a full absorbency nappy to catch several evacuations.

Will my child know when they’re wet?

The Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pant will feel wet when they have accidents to remind your toddler to head to the bathroom.

How to use the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants at day-care

A growing number of childcare centres are now accepting reusable nappies and training pants, but the first step before sending a stash in your baby’s backpack is to check your centre’s specific guidelines. If they’re happy to help (you and the planet

How to wash the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants:

BEFORE USE. Wash the Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants (and booster) on a cold wash cycle before use to activate the absorbent technology. Hang to dry and it’s ready to use. STEP 1: Remove solids (if any). Pop any poo in the loo. If you’re usin

Handy washing tips for the Daytime Training Underpants

We advise washing Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants daily, or every other day, to prevent fabrics from deteriorating. You can use a dry pail with holes to store Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pant between washes. Pee traini

How much water can it hold?

Our Day-time Pull Up Training Pants can absorb up to 130ml of liquid with the provided booster.

Are they anti-odour?

Yes, our merino layer has natural anti odour qualities and anti-odour treatment on both the absorbency layers and the waterproof layer.

How have they been tested/trialled and are they suitable for sensitive skin?

Our Day-time Pull Up Training Pants are OEKO-TEX® Class 1 Certified which is safe and tested against your toddler’s skin.

How long do they take to dry?

Dry time will vary on environment, time of year, and drying location. But with the patent pending floating gusset technology, they are more likely to dry faster than other products on the market.

Do the Daytime Training Underpants only come in a 2 pack?