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What is Shop Pay and how does it work?Updated 3 months ago

Shop Pay, a third-party app, streamlines your checkout process at participating stores such as Modibodi. It acts as your efficient wallet, automatically populating your saved email, payment, and shipping details for a swift and convenient shopping experience.

What's Stored:

  • Email: Your email is saved for a hassle-free login.
  • Shipping Addresses: Store up to 20 shipping addresses for quick delivery options.
  • Credit Card Details: Save details for up to 10 credit cards, including billing addresses.
  • Mobile Phone Number: Keep your contact info handy for order updates.

Easy Management:

  • Shop App Wallet: Set up and manage your credit card and billing information conveniently from your Wallet in the Shop app.
  • Shipping Addresses: Arrange and organize your shipping addresses in the Shipping Addresses settings of the Shop app.
  • To edit your Shop Pay details, visit How to edit your Shop Pay shipping addresses and payment methods.

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