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What is Shop Now option when you return your items?Updated 5 months ago

Shop Now - a seamless exchange process! Here's a simple breakdown of how you can make the most of our Shop Now feature:

  1. Spot the Option: During the exchange for size or colour, look for the link that says, "Don't see the product you want? Shop with return credit."
  2. Click and Explore: Selecting this option will take you directly to our store front with an additional $5.00 credit, on top of the value of your returned item.
  3. Shopping Spree: Navigate our store front, find your desired item, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout.
  4. Automatic Credit Application: Returning to the returns portal, you'll notice that the ShopNow store credit of $5.00 has automatically been applied.
  5. Payment Details: If the total cost of your selected product(s) exceeds the combined return credit and ShopNow credit, simply pay the difference.
  6. Nullification Notice: Should your chosen product(s) cost less than the total credits, the $5.00 ShopNow credit won't be refunded or stored; it'll be nullified.
  7. Exclusive Exchange: Remember, the ShopNow feature is exclusive to exchanges, not applicable for items returned for a refund or credit.
  8. Consistent Credit: Regardless of the number of items being returned, only a $5.00 ShopNow credit will apply per return request.
  9. Immediate Use: The StoreNow credit is for immediate use and cannot be saved for future orders. Utilize it while making another purchase from the Modibodi store at the time of initiating the return.

Happy shopping!

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