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What is Modibodi Teen and what makes it different to Modibodi?Updated a year ago

Modibodi Teen was created to make periods less messy – and less stressy – for tweens and teens. Designed for younger, growing bodies and perfect for those starting their period or with irregular cycles, Modibodi Teen underwear, sleepwear and swimwear replaces the need for disposable pads and tampons, making it easy to manage periods at school, sleepovers, sport, swimming…anywhere! 

Featuring the same patented absorbent technology as Modibodi, Teen’s sustainable, reusable underwear are regularly released in limited edition prints and patterns which reflect the brand’s playful vibe and make the introduction to period management a little less daunting. Forget period panic and checking the back of your school dress for leaks, pop on a pair of Teen and get on with your day. 

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