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How often should I change my Modibodi's?Updated 5 months ago

Determining how absorbency options align with your flow is a personal choice as everyone's menstrual flow varies. This can also fluctuate on different days of your period.

While our products are scientifically proven for safe wear up to 24 hours, we recommend initially testing them to understand your flow and the chosen absorbency option. For new customers, we suggest trying your Modibodi's at home for a day to grasp how our technology works with your flow and to identify key indicators for changing to a fresh pair.

A helpful tip for changing is to watch for the top layer of the gusset/padding feeling wet. Our top layer technology is designed to keep you dry by absorbing liquid into the middle layers. When the top layer starts feeling wet, it's a signal to change to a new pair.

Have a look at our absorbencies here:

You can also take our short quiz to find the right absorbency for your body:

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