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Are Modibodi products Eco-Friendly?Updated 6 months ago

Our garments are a reusable alternative to disposable menstruation and continence products. 


By choosing to wear our patented Modifier Technology underpants and swimwear and you can prevent the thousands of panty liners, pads and tampons ending up in landfill or flushed into our waterways. The average woman will use 15,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime, and women with incontinence may use an additional 1,000 liners-pads per year.  

By choosing to wear Modifier Technology Breastfeeding Bra and/or Cami you can also stop on average around 1,000 nursing pads (based on 8 pads per day used for 3 months) ending up in landfill for each child you breastfeed.  


We choose to use high-quality fabrics that align to our Preferred Material Standard. Our Merino wool is sourced from Australian farms that are non-mulesed or who have ceased mulesing. Our organic cotton underpants are made from GOTS certified organic cotton (CU 1118881). We use bamboo viscose and lyocell from Forest Stewardship Council certified suppliers and we use Global Recycled Standard certified recycled nylon.  


As long as cared for properly, our garments can be used and worn just as long as regular underwear. Head over to our website here to see how much CO2 emissions you can save by switching to Modibodi. 

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