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Are Modibodi garments ethically made?Updated 2 months ago

We love that you are interested in all the reasons our products are friendly on the planet - take a look around our sustainability pages for lots more information on our products, the materials we use and our Preferred Materials Standard, responsible sourcing, climate action and lots more. You can search here. 


As a female, purpose-led business, Modibodi supports all efforts to ensure women’s right to dignity and to have safe, healthy and rewarding work that is fairly remuneratedAll our direct suppliers agree to our Code of Conduct which is based on the International Labour Organization's core standards for safe, fair and healthy working conditions. The employees in our tier 1 suppliers earn above the minimum wage and all our manufacturers and fabric suppliers are OEKO-TEX certified and third-party audited.  


For further information on our plan refer here. 

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