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Will my Modibodi garments smell?Updated 2 months ago

No, if cared for correctly, your Modibodi garments won’t smell.  If left soaking for more than a few hours or stored when the undies are not yet fully dried, your underwear can end up smelling mildewy and musty.  


To remove the smell your underwear has, please dilute some white vinegar in a thin layer of water 1:3 (just enough to cover your underwear) and rinse out your underwear, ensuring you rub the gusset/padding. You can leave the underwear in this for a short period of time, but do not soak for a long period (no longer than 20 minutes). You can then place them in the wash and add some more vinegar to the wash load 1:5. For best results, hang them out under the sun and make sure that the undies are fully dry before storing them back in your drawers. 


This should combat any current odour present in your undies. You can also use eucalyptus in your wash load to further combat this. 

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