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Will Modibodi own the design made by a minor (under 18)?Updated 2 months ago

Once you submit your design to Modibodi, we will assume ownership and manage all aspects of the design process from that point forward. While you will not retain the rights to use or sell your design, we guarantee to utilise it in a manner that respects everyone's intellectual property rights. 

Upon entering the competition, you will be granting Modibodi complete rights and ownership of your design. If your design is selected as the winner, you will receive the promised prizes and we will incorporate your design into our product line. This presents an opportunity for your incredible creation to be seen by thousands of people and for you to become a part of the Modibodi design family. 

We take our responsibilities seriously and ensure that every step we take with your design is legally sound and in line with our policies. Furthermore, we will manage all the details and make certain that you are satisfied with the process. So, don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and submit your best work! You never know where this could lead. 

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