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Why is this only available in a 7 pack on the Modibodi website?Updated 2 years ago

We know that to really try reusable period underwear and know how it works for you, it takes more than one pair. So we’ve made it simple. No more guessing how many pairs you’ll need to cover your cycle. The NEW Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief is sold as a ‘starter pack’ of 7, so you’ve got enough to wear a pair (or more) each day of your period, and still have some in the wash cycle. 


To spread the love (and say goodbye to leaks and landfill), when choosing the Basic Mid-Rise Brief 7-pack, you’re welcome to choose a range of different sizes, so your family and friends can give them a go too. The more people who choose to reuse, the better, so grab your bestie, your mum, sister, daughter or neighbour…or keep them all for yourself! 


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