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Why is the Basic Mid-Rise Brief a different price?Updated a year ago

Our aim with the Basic Mid-Rise Brief is to encourage more people to make the switch from disposable pads and tampons to reusable underwear to manage life’s leaks, whether for periods or light incontinence. How? By creating a classic, simple style made from soft organic cotton in our most popular absorbency. Additional styles in other fabricsabsorbencies and colours, such as bamboo and recycled nylon, and wider range of absorbencies are on offer via  


But that doesn’t mean we’re sacrificing our trusted tech. The absorbent built-in lining in the gusset of the Basic Mid-Rise Brief is the same proven protection and performance technology that’s the star of Modibodi’s main Vegan collection (Polybrush top layer, microfibre terry middle layer, waterproof polyester bottom layer).  


This combination of design, absorbency and materials has enabled us to offer the Basic Mid-Rise Brief at a more accessible price point to inspire more people to choose our reusable leak-proof underwear as a sustainable (and super comfortable) alternative to single-use products.  


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