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Why did you choose to use microfibre in the middle layers rather than a more natural fabric?Updated 2 years ago


Our choice of materials needed to balance performance, durability and safety, while reducing carbon emissions, water use and the waste caused by disposable nappies. We tested a wide range of natural fabrics including cotton, bamboo and hemp, but found their performance didn’t meet our high standards for both absorbency and safety.

The microfibre terry in our middle absorbent layers (which don’t sit next to baby’s skin) has been knitted and manufactured exclusively to meet our product goals, delivering a level of performance and absorbency which is unique to Modibodi products.

All of the fabrics and components in our reusable nappies are Oeko-Tek Standard 100 certified for baby’s safety – the only level we were comfortable with for our new design, and a standard many of the natural fabrics we tested couldn’t meet.

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