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What makes the underwear Carbon Neutral?Updated 2 years ago

Virtually everything you buy and the services you purchase uses energy creating greenhouse gas emissions including carbon dioxide. Energy is used in fabric productionmanufacture, transport, consumer use of the product and end of life.  To make a product carbon neutral is to ensure the impact of the emissions created over its lifecycle is zero.   

Creating our Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Brief was a step-by-step process.  

  • Research - Modibodi’s life cycle analysis (LCA) determined the greenhouse gas emissions in each pant from cradle to grave. Our pant is 2.4kg CO2 equivalent.  
  • Reduce. We make choices to lower our impact where we can by choosing recycled nylon for the body of the product and educate customers product care to reduce energy use (wash in cold water and line dry). 
  • Reuse. We test the wash performance of our pant up to 100 washes to ensure it can be reused and reused. 
  • Offset. We partnered with C2Zero who lock away 2.4kg CO2 equivalent by purchasing carbon emission allowances, effectively giving our pants a zero carbon impact. 

Carbon Neutral is the first step. Modibodi is continuously exploring how we can reduce our carbon impacts across our brand.  

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