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Modibodi Reusable Nappy vs other brandsUpdated 2 years ago

We tested the 10 leading reusable nappies in the market and found they just didn’t stack up to what busy parents – and their precious babies and toddlers needed: a nappy that was comfortable, incredibly absorbent, leak-proof, felt dry, was easy to use and simple to wash. So we made one.  



Many popular reusable nappies leak due to their inferior absorbent technology. Our Reusable Nappy has been scientifically certified by leading independent laboratory Qualspec to hold up to 1026ml of liquid with one removable nappy booster in place. This means just 1 nappy for complete overnight protection of 12+hours* - so parents and baby will get a good night’s sleep.

It’s also been compression tested not to leak at 500ml which means it’s safe for use when baby’s seated for longer periods of time, like in car seats and high chairs.  

*The average baby wees 100ml every couple of hours – so our nappy combo will ensure you both get a great night’s sleep.  


Clever black lining

Our clever black lining repels solids (so they don’t stick) and are easily removed, which helps resist staining since solids aren’t absorbed into the fabric. There’s also the option to use the Modibodi Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liner to make managing solids even simpler.

The hi-tech moisture-wicking lining is fast drying and always feels dry against baby skin to help prevent nappy rash and irritation. 


Innovation & technology

To create our innovative patent-pending all-in-one design, we undertook research with both disposable and reusable nappy users to identify the challenges and objections stopping parents from switching from disposables to reusable nappies – for good.

We took those insights, together with our 8 years of proven expertise in leak-proof, absorbent apparel, and did what we do best: combined science, safety and innovation to develop an original product to solve a pressing environmental problem – the huge waste created by disposable nappies.

Our exclusive patent-pending technology is proof we didn’t just seek to replicate current cloth nappy designs, we applied scientific testing and innovation to create something new to help move reusable nappies into the mainstream...and make them the first choice for parents of babies through to toddlers.

What sets Modibodi’s reusable nappy apart from the competition is its patent-pending technology, which is the unique construction and combination of inner and outer fabrics working together to deliver the following benefits other reusable nappies don’t have: superior absorbency, leak-proof outer, fast-drying lining which resists stains, odour and solids. 

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