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How to wash the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants:Updated 2 years ago


Wash the Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants (and booster) on a cold wash cycle before use to activate the absorbent technology. Hang to dry and it’s ready to use. 


STEP 1: Remove solids (if any)  

Pop any poo in the loo. If you’re using our Biodegradable Bamboo Liner, wrap the liner (and any remaining solids) in a little toilet paper and chuck it into a compost bin, or regular rubbish bin.  

Rinse the training pants to remove remaining solids. 

If NOT washing right away, pop rinsed nappies into a wet bag or dry pail (with holes) until wash time. 


STEP 2: Pre-wash option 

Rinsed Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants can be thrown straight into a cold wash cycle at up to 40°C.   


STEP 3: Main wash   

Wash training underpants and boosters using regular laundry detergent on cold wash, up to 40°C (no fabric softeners, no bleach and do not soak). You can wash them with your other clothing. 


STEP 4: Dry    

We recommend line drying, do not tumble dry and do not iron. When hanging, lift and separate floating lining or hang inside out for faster drying. Avoid stretching the elastic leg openings.  

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