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How to wash Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy (it’s easier than you think)Updated 2 years ago

Forget your grandma’s tedious cloth nappies – and the hours of scrubbing white towelling that went with them. Our Reusable Nappy is designed for multi-tasking modern parents…and babies’ comfort of course. That means no soaking, no special detergents, no scrubbing and no stains, thanks to our clever BLACK antimicrobial lining which minimises any ammonia smell (from pee) and fights bacteria. 


Wash the nappy (and booster) on a cold wash cycle before use to activate the absorbent technology. Hang to dry and it’s ready to use.


STEP 1: Remove solids  

Pop any poo in the loo. If you’re using our Biodegradable Bamboo Liner, wrap the liner (and any remaining solids) in a little toilet paper and chuck it into a compost bin, or regular rubbish bin. 

Rinse the nappy to remove remaining solids.

If NOT washing right away, pop rinsed nappies into a wet bag or dry pail (with holes) until wash time.


STEP 2: Pre-wash option

Rinsed nappies can be thrown straight into a long wash cycle at up to 60°C.  

Alternatively, to remove heavy soiling so the full washing cycle is done with clean water, pop nappies and boosters into a pre-wash or quick wash cycle at up to 60°C with a small amount of regular laundry detergent (but no fabric softeners please).


STEP 3: Main wash  

Wash nappies and boosters using regular laundry detergent on a long cycle at up to 60°C (again, no fabric softeners). You CAN wash them with your other clothing.


STEP 4: Dry   

We recommend line drying as the environmentally friendly option, however our reusable nappies can be gently tumble dried. When hanging, lift and separate floating lining or hang inside out for faster drying. Avoid stretching the elastic leg openings.  

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