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How to use the Reusable Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants at day-careUpdated 2 years ago

A growing number of childcare centres are now accepting reusable nappies and training pants, but the first step before sending a stash in your baby’s backpack is to check your centre’s specific guidelines. If they’re happy to help (you and the planet), then here’s a simple guide to sending reusable nappies to day care with your baby (or toddler): 

STEP 1: Choose how many Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pants to send. We recommend two 2 packs to start with, making sure your little one is covered for the day. 

STEP 2: To make things easier for your child’s carers, pop a roll of our Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners in the backpack to line baby’s Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training Pant and make managing accidents simpler. 

STEP 3: Pack a couple of reusable nappy bags to store soiled or wet training pants after use. Check with your centre – often they prefer one for wee pants and one for soiled. 

STEP 4: Label everything – your Toddler Day-time Pull Up Training PantsReusable Nappy Bags and roll of Bamboo Liners

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