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How to use Reusable Nappies at DaycareUpdated 2 years ago


Prefer the comfort and eco-credentials of Reusable Nappies? Little one at day care?

A growing number of child care centres are now accepting reusable nappies, but the first step before sending a stash in your baby’s backpack is to check your centre’s specific guidelines.

If they’re happy to help (you and the planet), then here’s a simple guide to sending reusable nappies to day care with your baby (or toddler):

STEP 1: Choose how many nappies to send. For a full day we recommend sending 6-8 (which includes more than baby will need but covers all bases, just in case!)

STEP 2: Adjust your nappies at home by setting the press studs to the right setting

STEP 3: If you use boosters in each nappy, then pop each booster inside the nappy ready to go

STEP 4: To make things easier for your child’s carers, pop a roll of Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners in the backpack to line baby’s nappies and make managing solids simpler

STEP 5: Pack a couple of reusable nappy bags to store soiled or wet nappies after use. Check with your centre to see how they roll, often they prefer one for wee nappies and one for soiled

STEP 6: Label everything – your reusable nappies, reusable nappy bags and roll of bamboo liners 

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