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How does the Modibodi Reusable Nappy work?Updated 2 years ago

Made from scientifically proven absorbent materials to keep baby dry, comfy and protected (helping reduce nappy rash), our Reusable Nappy has a clever black lining which repels odour, stains and solids.


Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy is the most absorbent reusable nappy on the market, absorbing up to 1026ml* when used with one Reusable Nappy Booster. It’s also compression tested at 500ml to show no leakage so it’s safe to use in car seats and high chairs.


  • POLYBRUSH LINING: This is the fabric which sits against baby’s skin. Moisture wicking, odour-resistant, soft on skin and fast drying to keep baby comfy
  • MICROFIBRE MIDDLE LAYERS: Antimicrobial and absorbent to lock fluid away and fight bacteria, these layers do not touch baby’s skin. Our microfibre terry has been knitted and manufactured exclusively to meet our high performance and absorbency standards – just like our other Modibodi products
  • OUTER SHELL: Outer layer is waterproof to prevent leaks


To make managing solids simple, there’s the option to use our Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liner, which can be laid inside the nappy against baby’s skin.

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