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How do I care for my Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief?Updated 2 years ago

Because our undies are literally designed to be bled into, all you have to do to keep them in tip top shape, is follow these four simple steps…not a big ask for a comfy period and planet-friendly protection.   


STEP 1: Rinse your period underwear in cold water. You should do this just after you take the undies off either under the tap or in the shower until the water runs clear. No need to soak or scrub.   


STEP 2: Chuck them in the washing machine and run them on a cold wash. It’s even better if you put them in a delicates bag!  
STEP 3: Use regular laundry detergent and hold off on the fabric softener as it breaks down the natural fibres which help make the underwear so effective.  


STEP 4: Hang them out to dry (no tumble dryer). That’s it.    

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