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Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Wash and careUpdated 2 years ago

Can I wash them in the wachine machine? 

Of course. Who has time for handwashing and a new baby? Just wash on a delicates cycle at 30°C or below (in a delicates bag if you can) with regular laundry detergent – no fabric softeners please.

What temperature / cycle can I use? 

We advise a delicates washing cycle at 30°C or below.

Does it need to be washed every day? 

Everybody is different, and the amount of breast milk you leak is also different so there is no hard and fast rule. We suggest having at least three Breastfeeding Bras or Breastfeeding Camis (or a combination of both) so you can rotate them and wash them regularly.

What detergents do I use to wash it? 

Your regular laundry detergent is perfect. There’s no need to buy or use any special products, and please remember not to use any fabric softener as it impacts the performance of the leak-proof lining.

Can I use the tumble dryer?

No, afraid not. Just hang them to dry like you do with your other Modibodi to keep them in great shape.


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