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Ultra Incontinence

What fabrics are used for the Ultra range?

Main: 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Elastane  Gusset: 85% Recycled Polyester, 15% Elastane / 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide / 100% Polyester  Excludes Trims

Is the Ultra range vegan?

Yes, the Ultra range is Vegan.

Will you release Ultra with the Merino Wool gusset?

Not at the moment.

Is it OEKO-TEX certified?

Yes, all Modibodi products are OEKO-TEX certified!

Has Ultra been lab tested?

Yes, the Ultra products across both the men's and women's ranges have been independently lab tested with RMIT to hold 250mls liquid with one reusable insert in place.

How do you know when the product is at end of life?

Just like any product – when it is no longer performing as you expect or need it to. Modibodi products are lab tested to maintain quality for at least 100 washes.  Following the care instructions is key to keeping your products in condition.

Is Ultra biodegradable?

No, this product is not biodegradable.

What’s the absorbency?

Ultra is designed to hold up to 250mls with 1x reusable insert in place.

What does a floating gusset mean?

This is a patent pending technology. The gusset is attached at front and back of the gusset but is separated from the garment outer down the sides of the gusset. This helps to both improve both absorbency and drying time. Drying time is improved as t

Is Ultra designed for heavy incontinence / full bladder?

Ultra is designed to hold up to 250mls of liquid with one reusable insert in place.

Will it feel wet once you’ve leaked into the reusable insert?

The reusable insert is designed to keep the top layer feeling dry up until the reusable insert is full. When the reusable insert is full, the top layer may begin to feel wet which is an indication to change over.

Will it feel heavy once you’ve leaked into the gusset?

The reusable insert may feel slightly heavier when saturated, as it is holding up to 250mls of liquid. The heaviness of the reusable insert and underwear will be indicative of the amount of liquid it has absorbed. If you are wearing your Ultra underw

Does the gusset give full front to back coverage?

Yes, the gusset of the underwear has full front to back coverage, much like our Maxi range. The reusable insert is placed on top of this for additional support and absorbency.

Will there be an odour from the urine?

No! Our Ultra range is designed to be anti-odour.

How long can you wear the Ultra for?

The length of time you can wear the product for will be dependent on your level of incontinence as well as how much urine you release when urinating. The product holds up to 250mls. If you have light incontinence you'll likely be able to wear all day

Is the gusset/ reusable insert going to leak if pressure is applied to it?

As with our period underwear, you can go about your day as normal – no need to worry about leakage from sitting down. As the gusset goes all the way up the front and high up the back of both styles you are also protected while lying down.

Can you swap reusable insert during the day without changing the underwear?

Yes – absolutely! This is a great option for ease of use. We would recommend popping the damp reusable insert in our wet bag if you are on the go.

Can you use more than one reusable insert at a time?

You could potentially use more than one reusable insert at a time, however, the size of one reusable insert has been designed to fit comfortably into the underwear with as little thickness as possible. Wearing more than one reusable insert at a time

Can you buy the reusable insert on its own?

Yes, we offer a 2x pack reusable insert here.

Can you use the reusable insert in your other Modibodi products?

Technically you can wear the reusable insert with our other Modibodi products. If you are wanting to use the reusable insert in our other ranges, we would recommend only wearing it with our Heavy-Overnight or our Maxi absorbencies, as these have a fu

How much liquid does the reusable insert hold?

The reusable inserts vary in size between male and female styles. Reusable inserts should always be used with our absorbent underwear as extra protection, rather than on their own, as only our underwear has the waterproof outer layer to the gusset to

Is it safe to wear for incontinence without the reusable insert?

We would not recommend wearing the Ultra range without the reusable insert for heavy incontinence. It will still be suitable for light bladder leakage without the reusable insert though!

How much liquid does the underwear hold without the reusable insert?

We lab tested with the reusable insert in place. However, the underwear still has a fantastic level of absorbency on its own for lighter incontinence.

How many layers will the gusset have?

It has a wicking layer next to the skin on the floating gusset, with fluid trapping absorbent layers under this. There is then a waterproof layer just under the outer fabric to ensure no leaks.

How do you store a used pair and reusable insert while out and about?

If you’re out and unable to change at home, bring a fresh pair in one of our Waterproof bags! They’re sleek and discreet and the perfect size for handbags and backpacks. Just pop your used pair of Modibodi in the Waterproof bag until you’re at home a

Will the Ultra pair and reusable insert fit in the Waterproof Bag?

Yes it does! It fits in all of our Waterproof Bag sizes.

What are the care instructions for Ultra?

Rinse after use until water runs clear.   Machine cold wash.    Line dry until gusset/ reusable insert is completely dry. Do not bleach.    Do not soak.    Do not add softener.    Do not tumble dry.    Do not iron.

What is the expected drying time for the Ultra underwear?

As the reusable insert and the gusset have additional absorbency, it may take slightly longer for this product to dry over your regular underwear. We recommend leaving the product to dry in direct sunlight where possible to ensure faster drying. We a

What collections is Ultra available in?

Currently, Ultra is available in our Modibodi and Modibodi Men ranges.