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What can Modibodi Swimwear be used for?

Modibodi swimwear is designed for both light-moderate periods and bladder leaks. If you plan to use your Modibodi swimsuit for period protection whilst swimming, they are best used alone on light days and spotting period days. So, if you have a stand

What is Modifier Swim Technology?

While we can’t share our proprietary information on what makes this technology so awesome, our patent pending Modifier Swim Technology comprises of dry-fast water repellent fabric, fights bacteria and odour, catches sneaky bladder leaks and is perfec

Is Modibodi Period and Pee Proof Swimwear eco-friendly?

Fact- The first disposable pad/liner/tampon you ever wore still exists and will take 500 years to breakdown! Not only are you reducing landfills by not using disposable pads, but panty-liners and tampons, our Modibodi Swim range is also vegan and th

Is Modibodi Swimwear Pool and Beach safe?

We like the waves as much as floating on a pink flamingo in the pool. Yes, our Swim range is beach AND pool safe! Just rinse after use to ensure Modibodi swim can join you for every beach and pool trip!

What are my Modibodi swim products made from?

Our fabric is made from nylon spandex and the gusset is a polyester blend, due to the nature of our technology we do not share any further information on what makes our product so unique.

Is Modibodi Swim UPF rated?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is similar to SPF ratings used in suncreams. Garments with a UPF of 50 only allow 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the garment to pass through it. The highest UPF rating a garment can be assigned

What sizes are the Reversible Recycled Swimwear Crop Top?

The Reversible Recycled Swimwear Crop Top are standard sizing (currently in 08-18) and fits a size A-DD.

What cup sizes will Modibodi Swimwear fit?

Both styles will accommodate up to a size DD. They also come with removable cup inserts. We have tested our swimsuits for comfort and support on a wide range of bodies and have received wonderful feedback!

Are the Reversible Recycled Swimwear Crop Tops absorbent?

No, the Reversible Recycled Swimwear Crop Top does not have any absorbency.