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Reusable Nappies

How does your Reusable Nappy sizing work?

We’ve kept things simple with a One Size Fits Most design which has been tested to fit babies from 5kg to 18kg. The adjustable fit means the nappy can grow with baby, and you can hand it down to any future siblings, family or friends.

How do I fit the Reusable Nappy?

Our reusable nappy has a simple all-in-one design (like a disposable nappy) which makes it super easy to use. Adjust: Shorten nappy and tighten in the leg by snapping the press studs together for the perfect fit. Protect: Lay nappy open flat. If usi

What are nappy boosters, and how and when do you use them?

A Reusable Nappy Booster is an absorbent pad you can add to your Reusable Nappy to provide extra absorption for heavy wetters, long naps, overnight protection or for older babies and toddlers during the day time.

What other equipment do I need to use reusable nappies?

Dry Pail For those times in between washes, we recommend ‘dry pailing’ your reusable nappies, which means rinsing solids from soiled nappies then popping into a ‘dry pail’, which is a storage basket with holes for air flow. A standard laundry bask

What are bamboo nappy liners, and how and when do you use them?

If you don’t want to touch number twos, our mess-free Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners are great to have at your change table. Simply lay a liner on top of the nappy to catch solids, then peel off, drop poo in the loo and dispose of liner in your co

How does the Modibodi Reusable Nappy work?

Made from scientifically proven absorbent materials to keep baby dry, comfy and protected (helping reduce nappy rash), our Reusable Nappy has a clever black lining which repels odour, stains and solids.   Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy is the most absorbe

What is the Reusable Nappy Booster and how does it work?

Each Modibodi Reusable Nappy comes with a handy Reusable Nappy Booster, featuring multiple absorbent layers. A Reusable Nappy Booster is an absorbent pad you can add to your Reusable Nappy to provide extra absorption for heavy wetters, long naps, ove

How often do I need to change the reusable nappy?

The recommendation for changing reusable nappies is the same as for changing disposable nappies. Change before or after each feed (every few hours), or as soon as the nappy has been soiled. A fresh nappy for overnight and again when baby wakes up in

Troubleshooting leaks

If your cloth nappy is leaking, there are two likely causes:  1.       If your nappy and/or booster is saturated at change time, try changing baby more frequently, or add an additional booster. Heavy wetters and older babies may need one booster in e

How many will I need?

How many will I need? First, work out how often you want to use reusable nappies: Part-time use (2-3 per day): 8 to 12 Modibodi reusable nappies Full-time day use (4-6 per day): 12 to 24 Modibodi reusable nappies Full-time day and night use: (6-8 p

How to use Reusable Nappies at Daycare

Prefer the comfort and eco-credentials of Reusable Nappies? Little one at day care? A growing number of child care centres are now accepting reusable nappies, but the first step before sending a stash in your baby’s backpack is to check your centre

Modibodi Reusable Nappy vs other brands

We tested the 10 leading reusable nappies in the market and found they just didn’t stack up to what busy parents – and their precious babies and toddlers needed: a nappy that was comfortable, incredibly absorbent, leak-proof, felt dry, was easy to us

Are reusable nappies more cost effective than disposable nappies?

Compared with using disposable nappies, making the move to reusable can save a significant sum, and, depending on where you live, you may even qualify for council rebates for making the sustainable choice.  Based on average use of 6 nappies per day f

What’s the environmental impact of disposable nappies?

The environmental cost of disposable nappies is enormous. According to the Victorian government, 3.75 million disposable nappies are used every day in Australia and New Zealand, with one cup of crude oil used to make each nappy and every single one t

How to wash Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy (it’s easier than you think)

Forget your grandma’s tedious cloth nappies – and the hours of scrubbing white towelling that went with them. Our Reusable Nappy is designed for multi-tasking modern parents…and babies’ comfort of course. That means no soaking, no special detergents,

Handy Washing Tips for Nappies

We advise washing nappies daily, or every other day, to prevent fabrics from deteriorating. You can use a dry pail with holes to store nappies between washes. Pee nappies can go straight into the pail, soiled nappies should be scraped or rinsed be