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Recycled Pairs Project

What are the steps to participate?

Steps to participate:. 1. Complete this survey. 2. Purchase a return label from Australia Post. 3. Fill an old postage bag with your old, washed and dry Modibodi (the postage bag must be below 5kg). 4. Pop it in the post. 5. Claim your $10 credit for

Who can participate in the pilot?

Modibodi’s Recycled Pairs Project is only available to Modibodi customers located in Australia, where our recycling partner for this pilot is based. In the future we will look to trial recycling schemes in other countries for the return of pre-love M

What type of underwear can be recycled?

Only Modibodi underwear can be returned. As underwear is not generally accepted for recycling it is important for this pilot that we know the exact fabrics and materials being returned. There are some Modibodi products we are not able to accept such

Do returned items need to be cleaned?

Yes. All products must be washed and fully dried before being put in the post. The health and safety of staff handling, sorting and recycling Modibodi products is essential with hygiene being our highest priority.

How do I clean my undies before posting them?

Wash and dry your Modibodi undies in the exact same way you usually do - cold wash and line dry. Make sure they are completely dry before you put them in the post!

Can I provide underwear from other brands?

No. Our pilot is for Modibodi products only. We have worked with our recycler to ensure they are able to accept our products and our fabrics are appropriate for recycling. So please, don’t send us products from other brands!

When can I send my Modibodi underwear back?

The pilot will run from 29 August until 12 October 2022. Send us your old Modibodi underwear as soon as you can! If we reach our maximum number of participants before then, we will close the program – so get in quick and send us your well-loved but t

What bag can I post my undies back in?

Try to recycle an old postage bag if you have one lying around the house. We can accept any postage bag!

How does posting my undies work?

Simply put your clean and dry Modibodi undies in a postage bag (it must be under 5kg). Print out the shipping label, stick it on the bag and pop the bag in post box or take it to your local post office. If you don’t have a printer, take the Australia

How much does it cost to participate?

It costs $9.60 to participate in the pilot – that's the cost of shipping your product back to us and we handle the rest.

Why do I need to pay to participate?

To make this pilot feasible, we’re asking you to contribute towards the postal cost for returning your undies and we are covering all the costs of sorting and recycling your undies. We are doing this because we believe that if recycling is to become

Is it hygienic to recycle period underwear?

Recycling clean, washed and dry period underwear doesn’t pose any more hygiene or health risk than other clothing. Remember – wash and dry your Modibodi before you send it to us!

Will Modibodi be offering a permanent recycling program in the future?

Once we complete the pilot and your products have been recycled, we will review the success of the pilot. We will be asking questions like: is this new recycling technology commercially viable? Did we have strong participation from our customers? Wer

Can I drop my undies off instead of paying for shipment?

No. For the pilot to be successful, we need customers to follow the program prompts and answer survey questions before posting the product to our sorting partner. Our process has been designed to ensure we get the right products and that they can be