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PUMA/M Active Bike Shorts


Do I wear these with a tampon, cup or pad?

Modibodi products are a complete replacement for other leak management products and our Puma Active Bike shorts can absorb up to 15ml of liquid.

Do I need to wash them before wear?

Yes, we recommend putting them through the wash before the first time you wear them to help to activate the technology in the gusset.

What does it feel like wearing them?

Just like regular underwear! Our tech-enabled absorbent gusset was designed to be comfy and discreet, never bulky or heavy. Just pop a pair on and go!

Does it have different absorbencies?

Our Puma Active Performance wear is offered in Moderate/Heavy absorbency and can absorb up to 15ml of liquid.

What are the sizes available?

We currently offer this from size 8/XS – 22/4XL

How do I care for my Puma x Modibodi range?

The same way you care for your regular Modibodi!. Rinse after use until water runs clear.    Machine cold wash.     Line dry.    Do not bleach.     Do not soak.     Do not add softener.     Do not tumble dry.     Do not iron. You can get more informa

Is the fabric breathable or moisture wicking?

Yes! Modibodi & Puma have worked together to ensure all fabrics are both breathable and moisture wicking, providing you the most comfort during active work outs (or your regular day)!  Made from 80% RECYCLED NYLON and 20% SPANDEX.

What fabrics are used in the Puma x Modibodi range?

Main: Recycled Nylon 80%, Spandex 20%. Mesh Feature Panel: 93% Recycled Nylon, 7% Spandex with miDori® Wicking Treatment. Gusset: 100% Merino Wool, Microfibre Towel 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide , 100% Polyester Waterproof. Excludes trims

Are the Puma x Modibodi range available in Puma stores?

You can also purchase our Puma x Modibodi range through the Modibodi website. They will be available in limited Puma stores globally. Returns and queries will be subject to the stockist policies.

Is the Puma x Modibodi gusset/padding Merino wool or Vegan?

The gusset is our Merino wool gusset liner. You can read more about this here.