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Pride Collection

Why did you create this collection?

Because the world needed it. We’re committed to designing absorbent solutions for all bodies, and all leaks, and the design of this product is a continuation of that mission. This launch aims to make the conversation around periods, more inclusive, b

Who is this product made for?

Any person who gets their period. The flexible pouch design of our Pride Longline Short allows you to choose whether you want to wear with or without a packer. This includes people who menstruate in the non-binary, gender diverse and transgender comm

Does your All Gender Collection help the LGBTQIA+ Community? How so?

We’ve always been committed to breaking stigmas around periods and all the people who experience them. In addition to launching our new inclusive designs, we're supporting the LGBTQIA+ community by providing a website shopping experience for all gend

Who are Twenty10 and why did you partner up with them?

Twenty10 works with people who are part of the LQBTQIA+ community, providing a range of specialised services for young people aged 12-25, including housing, mental health, counselling and social support. We wanted to contribute to the great work Twen

What is a packer?

Packing is wearing padding or a ‘prosthetic’ item - a packer - in the front of pants or underwear to give the appearance of having a penis.  In the case of our underwear, we’ve designed a fabric pouch located at the front area of the garment, which a

Is the packing pouch sold individually? What do you offer?

The packing pouch is part of the Longline Short (sewn in) – the pouch is not sold separately.

Do the Pride Brief and Pride Longline Short both come with packing pouches?

No, only the Longline Short has a packing pouch.

Why is this collection called ‘All Gender’?

We wanted our range to represent the inclusivity of all people who menstruate. After consulting with our partners, Twenty10, we decided on ‘All Gender’ which is a widely used umbrella term to describe people with diverse gender identity, expression o