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Postpartum Control Brief: How does Postpartum Control Brief work?

Our Postpartum Control Brief uses the same patented technology which has made Modibodi Australia’s leading leak-proof apparel brand over the past 8 years. The built-in lining has multiple layers, a top layer which draws moisture away from the body so

Postpartum Control Brief: Will I need to wear a disposable pad with these briefs?

No. Our underwear is designed with a built-in lining to absorb postpartum bleeding, discharge or unexpected bladder leaks, and this brief has a Moderate-Heavy absorbency to hold up to 15ml of fluid. We don’t suggest wearing this brief in the first fe

Postpartum Control Brief: What size should I buy? My pre-pregnancy size or the size I think I might be postpartum?

If you’re planning to wear the Postpartum Control Brief in the immediate weeks after birth we advise buying the underwear size you were wearing (for briefs) during your third trimester. You can then purchase a different size if needed as your body ad

Postpartum Control Brief: Is this style as firm as shapewear?

Our Postpartum Control Brief provides firm support (great when your post-birth core isn’t at its best) like shapewear, but with the added benefit of absorbing postpartum bleeding, discharge and leaks.

Postpartum Control Brief: Can I wear this style as regular underwear – not just postpartum?

Of course, anyone looking for leak-proof protection combined with targeted support will love this style.

Maternity Brief – Maxi: How does Maxi work?

Our Maternity Brief uses the same patent-pending technology as our popular Maxi technology products which absorb up to 50ml – the equivalent of 10 tampons’ worth - making it ideal for postpartum bleeding. The built-in lining has multiple layers. The

Maternity Brief – Maxi: Do you need to use maternity pads as well?

No. You can wear our Maternity Brief – Maxi without any disposable pads, however, you may need to change a couple of times a day during the first 1 to 3 days postpartum dependent on your flow, so we advise purchasing several pairs. After the postpart

Maternity Brief – Maxi: How often will I need to change?

That will depend on your postpartum flow, but you may need to change after a few hours on the first day, and then less as the days go on. After the first few days of heavier postpartum bleeding you might wish to swap to our other styles, such as the

Maternity Brief – Maxi: Will this style absorb postpartum clots? And if not, what happens to them?

If you pass clots during the first few days postpartum (most people do), any blood will be absorbed into the underwear’s built-in lining, while clots will sit on top, just like they do with disposable maternity pads. You can then just tip them into t

Maternity Brief – Maxi: How many pairs will I need?

If you plan to wear the Maternity Brief-24rs exclusively in the first few days postpartum we suggest buying 5+ pairs as you may need to change a couple of times a day for the first three days and might not have time for washing every day (funny that!

Maternity Brief – Maxi: I’ve had a C-section Where will the waistband sit in relation to my wound?

The dipped V-shaped waistband on our Maternity Brief sits pretty low but it will likely still sit above your C-section incision. However, the waistband is wide and the fabric is incredibly soft, so it should not irritate your surgical wound. Some cus

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: How does the leak-proof lining work?

Our leak-proof lining has multiple layers. The top Merino wool layer naturally inhibits bacterial growth and has moisture wicking properties to keep you feeling cool and dry. Leaking breast milk is absorbed into the second layer of Microfibre Terry w

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Do you need disposable breast pads with the Bra and/or Cami?

Absolutely not. That's the beauty of the innovative, patent-pending leak-proof cup in both our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami – leaking breast milk is absorbed within the cup and locked away to keep you feeling comfortable and dry – while s

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: How do you know what size to order?

We advise measuring during your third trimester to get the most accurate size. Check out our size guide below which shows the equivalent cup size for different band measurements. Our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami come in sizing which will

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: How does the Flexi-fit sizing work?

The innovative leak-proof cup in our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami has a flexible, moulded, non-wired design with some ‘give’ so it moulds to your shape. Both styles feature adjustable shoulder straps to help you find the right fit, while

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Does the Breastfeeding Cami provide bra support?

It does. While our Breastfeeding Cami doesn’t have an underwire, it has powermesh internal crop support, adjustable straps and moulded cups to provide great support – and shape.

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Will the breast milk stain the black lining?

No. Breast milk is absorbed through the first layer into the absorbent middle layer. If there is any residue visible on the black lining, it will wash out on your regular machine wash cycle.

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Can you wear the Breastfeeding Bra and/or Cami while pregnant as well?

You sure can. As your body (and your breasts) grow during pregnancy, regular wired bras often become uncomfortable, so many people start wearing maternity bras whilst pregnant. The Flexi-fit sizing means our products can adapt to your changing body s

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Are the Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami adjustable?

Yes. Our Breastfeeding Bra has an extendable hook and eye closure at the back so you can adjust as your body changes to find your perfect fit. Both styles have adjustable straps.

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Is there any removable padding?

No, there is no removable padding. Our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami offer an all-in-one design with a moulded foam cup for great shape and support.

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Does the Breastfeeding Bra/Cami have an underwire?

It doesn’t - and that’s why it’s so comfy to wear, and to sleep in. It does have power mesh in the back wings, adjustable straps, breathable fabric and moulded cups to provide great support – and shape.

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Can I wear it overnight?

Definitely. Our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami are both wirefree, ensuring they’re comfortable enough to wear during the day, overnight, or both. Plus, the Merino wool lining inside the leak-proof cup is moisture wicking to keep you feeling

Breastfeeding Bra & Cami: Wash and care

Of course. Who has time for handwashing and a new baby? Just wash on a delicates cycle at 30°C or below (in a delicates bag if you can) with regular laundry detergent – no fabric softeners please.