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Carbon Neutral Pants

How did you lock the carbon away?

We partnered with C2Zero who buy government regulated emissions allowances and remove them from the system. Emissions allowances are like ‘permission slips’ for big polluters. They need this kind of permission to keep polluting on a mind-blowing scal

What makes the underwear Carbon Neutral?

Virtually everything you buy and the services you purchase uses energy creating greenhouse gas emissions including carbon dioxide. Energy is used in fabric production, manufacture, transport, consumer use of the product and end of life.  To make a pr

Who is C2Zero? Why did you partner up with them?

C2Zero is an Australian start-up designed to enable businesses and consumers to disrupt global Emission Trading Schemes and reduce pollution. The brand challenges the emissions trading market by taking the power away from the world’s-worst carbon emi

Why did you create a Carbon Neutral pants?

Climate Action is central to our sustainability agenda with our goal to be Carbon Negative by the end of 2023.  To do this we look across the business to identify opportunities for improvement. Carbon emission reduction is top of mind when we choose

Why aren’t all your products Carbon Neutral?

Creating a Carbon Neutral business can be done in many ways and it’s our goal. – first you must look to reduce emissions, which we regularly review. Then when we can not reduce any further we look to offset the carbon – such as with C2Zero who lock e

Do they look, feel and function differently than the other Modibodi underpants?

No, they perform, feel and look the same as all our pants. Making them carbon neutral is through our partner who locks away emissions allowances to stop carbon being put into the atmosphere.