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Biodegradable Briefs

What does biodegradable mean?

Biodegradable means that in the right conditions and presence of microorganisms, the garment will eventually break down to its basic components and blend back into the earth. We have used a combination of natural textiles and bioengineered synthetic

What is the challenge we are solving?

Reducing landfill and pollution, by developing a product that will biodegrade within 5 years through a biodegradable end of life solution.

What is unique/innovative about the products fabrication that makes it biodegrade?

The main fabric is a blend of TENCEL™ and Merino wool (both of which are biodegradable fibres), and the construction is super fine 1x1 rib knit that is used to maintain garment shape, rather than an elastane blend (as used for other undies). The Meri

Are the Biodegradable Briefs fully biodegradable?

The underwear is 97% biodegradable. The waist and leg elastic contain a small amount (less than 3% of the total garment) of elastane that is not biodegradable. The tiny amount of elastane will eventually degrade however it will take a longer time tha

How can you dispose of the Biodegradable Brief?

Cut off the waistband and leg elastics and discard with your landfill waste where they will gradually biodegrade through contact with microorganisms that live in the landfill’s anaerobic environment (without oxygen). The elastics have been designed t

Can you compost Modibodi Biodegradable underwear?

If you would like to compost the underwear cut off the waistband and leg elastic and remove the bottom waterproof film layer of the gusset and discard in landfill to biodegrade. Cut the main body of the pant (being TENCEL™ and Merino wool) into small

Can the whole Biodegradable Brief be put into landfill?

Yes, if you are unable to bury your Biodegradable Briefs or you cannot recycle them (check with your local recycle centre if they accept underwear) then the whole brief can be discarded to landfill where over time it will breakdown and degrade under

How many years do the Biodegradable Briefs last?

This depends on the care of the product. It will last the same amount of time as our original Modibodi® underwear if you follow the suggested care instructions.  We’ve lab tested the brief to maintain quality for at least 100 washes, but many of our

Do the Biodegradable Briefs work the same as other Modibodi leak-proof underwear?

Yes, they have the same wicking, absorbency and leak-proof strength as our original underpants, only now they are made from biodegradable materials. Our Biodegrable Modibodi underwear currently come in our Moderate-Heavy absorbency, which holds up to

Is there a difference in absorbency levels with the Biodegradable vs regular Modibodi?

The biodegradable brief comes in our Moderate-Heavy absorbency which holds 15ml of fluid. This is the same amount of absorbency as our original Moderate-Heavy underpants.

Will the Biodegradable Brief break down in the wash?

No. Just like your wool jumper or cotton t-shirt all made of natural biodegradable materials they do not break down in the wash. Biodegradability requires the correct conditions to breakdown – nice active soil for the pant or anaerobic landfill for t

How has the biodegradability been tested? What certifications or proof do you have to show they are biodegradable?

Our Biodegradable underwear have been tested at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) using the ISO 11721-1:2001, Biodegradable Test.  RMIT Is a globally recognized institute that performs research and testing through the School of Fashion a

How long does it take for the Biodegradable Brief to breakdown?

Up to five years, however with most of the pants being TENCEL™, Merino wool and bamboo, they will begin to decompose within weeks of burying. (The elastics discarded to landfill will biodegrade in 3 - 5 years).

How many washes do the Biodegradable Briefs last?

We have wash tested our Biodegradable undies for 100 cold washes to maintain their quality. Customers should feel confident these won't fall apart as long as they follow the Modibodi care guide!

Is there a specific washing routine?

Rinse after use until water runs clear.   Machine cold wash.    Line dry.   Do not bleach.    Do not soak.    Do not add softener.    Do not tumble dry.    Do not iron.

Are they Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified?

Yes, All Modibodi® products are Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified and can be checked via the Oeko-Tex website. Our biodegradable pant is certified under: Oeko-Tex Certified: MB020 192858.

Is the Biodegradable Brief deemed fair trade?

As most common Fairtrade products include coffee, tea and cotton, our underwear is not deemed Fairtrade. Fairtrade is an accreditation labelling system to identify goods that meet agreed standards to help producers in developing countries achieve bet

Why aren’t all your products biodegradable?

Modibodi is committed to pioneering innovative, sustainable solutions to support and protect every person, through all life’s leaks. As a world-first, our Biodegradable leak-proof underwear took an enormous amount of blood, sweat and science to get r

Isn’t cotton biodegradable?

Yes, cotton is biodegradable. However, cotton undies are nearly always actually cotton blended with elastane to maintain their shape on the body. While cotton is biodegradable, elastane isn't. We also wanted to utilise a premium fabric that is beauti

How long was the process of creating biodegradable leak-proof underwear?

Over two years of fabric sourcing and development, sampling and testing – a lot of blood, sweat and science!

Why did Modibodi develop biodegradable leak-proof underwear?

Modibodi is committed to pioneering innovative, sustainable solutions to support and protect every person, through all life’s leaks. We are constantly striving to make better sustainable choices and wanted to create a better end of life solution to f

Will Modibodi make more products biodegradable?

Yes. Now that our patent-pending innovation has been developed, we'll be looking to increase the sustainability of all our products over time, utilising the technologies we've developed. Stay tuned!

Do the Biodegradable Briefs come in any other styles or colours?

There are two styles of brief: Bikini and Full Brief in our new ‘Ocean Blue’ hue. We will be bringing out more styles and colours in 2022 and beyond!

How can you tell a pair of Biodegradable Briefs is at the end of its life cycle?

When you feel the pant no longer performs as it should, like you would any piece of performance designed clothing. We know customers who have had their pants for over 5 years – it all depends on how often you wear them, and how you wash and look afte

What happens to a regular pair of Modibodi at the end of its life cycle?

It can be discarded to landfill or sent to a textile recycler, however, please check with your specific recycling company if they accept underwear. By choosing to switch to our regular Modibodi underpants from disposable products you are already maki

Are the Biodegradable Briefs vegan?

No. The main fabric is a Merino wool blend. Our Merino wool is sourced from Australian farms that are non-mulesed or who have ceased mulesing . You can explore our vegan ranges here.

Is Modibodi planning on switching all products to be biodegradable?

We're always looking to decrease our footprint and improve sustainability as far as technology allows. As a world-first, our Biodegradable leak-proof underwear took an enormous amount of blood, sweat and science to get right! Now that our patent-pend

Will they feel different to the standard Modibodi range?

They're still super comfy, supportive, and have the same dry to the touch Merino gusset liner as our usual Modibodi's. The TENCEL™ and Merino wool blend feels luxurious against the skin and is naturally breathable.

Does the Biodegradable Brief have warranty period?

If you believe you have received a product that is faulty, please contact our Customer Experience team at [email protected] so we can investigate and resolve this issue for you. If the fault is proven to be a manufacturing fault, we will honour a sto

How do you store biodegradable undies?

Store them as you would your normal undies. They will only biodegrade at their end of life in active soil or the elastics in landfill. Otherwise, they are like all Modibodi underpants and should be loved, worn, washed and line dried caringly then sto

Do you have Biodegradable underwear in your teens and mens ranges?

Not yet. Now that our patent-pending innovation has been developed, we'll be looking to increase the sustainability of more products over time.

Will the Biodegradable Brief lose effectiveness overtime, with each wash?

The Modibodi Biodegradable Brief will maintain its quality and performance for a similar length of time as our original Modibodi underwear if the suggested care instructions are followed. Like all products they depend on individual wear and care. We’

Will an accidental tumble dry / use of fabric softener be more detrimental to the Biodegradable underwear compared to our standard ranges?

It won’t destroy the performance of the garment, but over time tumble drying is known to decrease the apparel’s lifespan. We utilise Merino wool both in the gusset (absorbent pad) and main fabric, and it is recommended not to tumble dry Merino wool.

Should I cut off the elastic prior to burying?

Yes. The elastics have enhanced biodegradable properties that under anaerobic conditions (no oxygen) like landfill, make it easier for bacteria to break it down. This speeds up the biodegradation period to between 3 – 5 years (as opposed to 50 years+

How do we know if we have the right soil for burying? What if we live in a unit/complex with no backyard?

Natural fabrics breakdown under the right soil conditions and temperature.  Biodegradation occurs in soil that has living microorganisms. Generally, if you water your garden and plants are growing in it, the soil will be relatively active. A warmer t

What bins can we put Biodegradable Briefs in? Can they biodegrade in landfill?

Modibodi Biodegradable underwear is unable to be put in recycling or garden organic bins. We are hoping that in the future biodegradable textiles may be added to local council organic disposal. If you cannot bury them in a garden, you can check with

Will there be any odours to consider with the Biodegradable Brief?

No - we use the same anti-odour treatment as standard Modibodi and have the same Merino wool gusset liner.

Is there a difference in price for Biodegradable vs Standard Modibodi? If yes, why?

Yes – the Biodegradable briefs have a premium price point due to the technology innovation utilised and premium fabrics.