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Basic Mid-Rise Brief

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Why did we partner with Coles?

We were excited to be approached by Coles to create a Modibodi style for their customers, and we love new opportunities to work with brands supporting customers to make better environmental choices. Just as Coles is striving to be Australia’s most su

When can I use these products?

The Basic Mid-Rise Brief is designed to manage periods and light incontinence. You can wear it during the day or at night, depending how heavy your flow. It may take a little bit of time to determine exactly how many hours you can wear the Basic Mid-

Why is the Basic Mid-Rise Brief a different price?

Our aim with the Basic Mid-Rise Brief is to encourage more people to make the switch from disposable pads and tampons to reusable underwear to manage life’s leaks, whether for periods or light incontinence. How? By creating a classic, simple style ma

What fabrics are used in the Basics range?

The Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief is made from 95% soft organic cotton with 5% elastane for comfortable stretch. The absorbent built-in lining has a polybrush top layer, terry middle layer and waterproof polyester bottom layer to prevent leaks.

How does the Basic Mid-Rise Brief work?

The Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief is reusable underwear which absorbs your menstrual flow or light bladder leaks, while controlling odour, wicking away sweat and protecting you from leaks. Pretty clever, right? Depending on your flow, the Basic Mid-R

What absorbency does the Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief have?

When we ask our customers about their favourite absorbency – they always say the same thing: Moderate-Heavy. So, it was an easy choice to pop our most popular absorbency into the Basic Mid-Rise Brief available in both Coles Stores and online at our M

Why is this only available in a 7 pack on the Modibodi website?

We know that to really try reusable period underwear and know how it works for you, it takes more than one pair. So we’ve made it simple. No more guessing how many pairs you’ll need to cover your cycle. The NEW Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief is sold a

How does the Basic range compare to other Modibodi products?

The performance of the built-in absorbent technology (in the gusset) is identical to Modibodi’s Vegan range, however the Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief is a simpler design which comes in one colour (black) and one absorbency (Moderate-Heavy). Most Mod

Can I purchase other Modibodi products in bundles like this?

Yes you can. On you can choose from a range of ‘set’ bundle packs which include popular styles and absorbencies, in packs of 5 or 7. Alternatively, you can ‘Mix & Match’ and create your own bundle pack by adding a minimum of 5 garments f

What sizes does the Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief come in?

The Modibodi Basic Brief is available in sizes 8 to 20 at, and in sizes 8 to 16 at selected Coles Supermarkets and online at

Where can I buy the Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief?

You can buy sizes 8 to 16 in 703 Coles supermarkets across Australia and online at Sizes 8 to 20 are available from

Does the Basic Mid-Rise Brief qualify for your 60-day risk-free trial?

Our Basic Mid-Rise Brief 7-pack does not qualify for our 60-day risk-free trial. If you’d like to try a Modibodi product which is eligible, we suggest the Classic Bikini which is a similar style. Alternatively, you can purchase an individual pair fro

Will the Basic Mid-Rise Brief be restocked if my size is not available?

Not at this stage. Currently the Basic Mid-Rise Brief is only available in 703 Coles stores in Australia, online at or at The most similar product in the Modibodi global collection is the Vegan Classic Bikini or the Cla

What safety certifications does the Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief have?

We’re committed to pursuing the highest possible safety standards for every element of our products, so you can feel confident that by choosing Modibodi…you’re putting safety first. Our Basic Mid-Rise Brief carries the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certi

Does the Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief work for incontinence and discharge?

It sure does. In fact, Modibodi was actually started because of our founder’s leaky post-baby bladder! The Moderate-Heavy absorbency in our Basic Mid-Rise Brief is suitable for light incontinence (that sneaky wee when you sneeze, lift or lunge). For

How do I care for my Modibodi Basic Mid-Rise Brief?

Because our undies are literally designed to be bled into, all you have to do to keep them in tip top shape, is follow these four simple steps…not a big ask for a comfy period and planet-friendly protection. STEP 1: Rinse your period underwear in col

If I need more absorbency and protection, which product should I choose?

We get it. There are so many Modibodi styles and absorbencies, it can be hard to know where to start…so start here. With our Product Quiz. Just follow the prompts and we’ll suggest the styles and absorbencies to meet your needs.