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Are reusable nappies more cost effective than disposable nappies?Updated 2 years ago

Compared with using disposable nappies, making the move to reusable can save a significant sum, and, depending on where you live, you may even qualify for council rebates for making the sustainable choice. 

Based on average use of 6 nappies per day for 3 years at a cost of approximately 30c per nappy, disposables will cost $1971*…and create a mountain of 6500 used nappies. A supply of 20 to 30 Modibodi reusable nappies costs between $700 and $1050**, plus, the reusable nappies can be handed down and used by your other children (or passed on to family and friends), ultimately reducing the cost per nappy over time. 

One set of cloth or reusable nappies costs less than half as much as disposable nappies, with the saving increasing with every child because the cloth nappies can be used again and again, then handed onto family and friends, saving

*Calculations in Australian dollars

UK cost comparison: Disposables GBP£1071, reusable nappies between GBP£380 and GBP£570

US cost comparison: Disposables USD$1518, reusable nappies between USD$539 and $809

NZ cost comparison: Disposables NZD$2098, reusable nappies between NZD$745 and NZD$1118

EU cost comparison: Disposables EU€1245, reusable nappies between EUR€442 and EUR€664


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